Our Allergy List

Our allergen list is based of the official allergy list regulated by the CAA (Consumer Affairs Agency) and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the country of Japan. The following are enforced to be labeled:

  1. Buckwheat
  2. Crab
  3. Egg
  4. Milk
  5. Peanut
  6. Shrimp
  7. Wheat

However, other allergens are considered to be optionally listed. The following are encouraged but optional to be labeled:

  1. Abalone
  2. Apple
  3. Banana
  4. Beef
  5. Cashew Nut
  6. Chicken
  7. Gelatin
  8. Kiwi
  9. Mackerel
  10. Matsutake mushroom
  11. Orange
  12. Peach
  13. Pork
  14. Salmon
  15. Salmon roe
  16. Sesame
  17. Soy
  18. Squid
  19. Yam
  20. Walnut

Sometimes an ingredient's components are not listed. For example, mayonnaise may be listed but it's component 'egg' would not be. It is best to take caution and read and understand each ingredient carefully and make your own assumption. It is best to just say no to the product if you are highly allergic and unsure of the ingredients.

How to Tell Someone You Have an 'Arerugi'

(Allergy in Japanese: pronounced 'Ah-ray-roo-gee [hard pronounced g like in gate])

If you were allergic to wheat, you would say, 'komugi (koh-moo-gee [hard g]) arerugi desu', which translates to 'I'm allergic to wheat'.

The mandatory 7 allergens:

Allergen Pronunciation Kanji Kana
Buckwheat Soba 蕎麦 そば、ソバ
Crab kani かに、カニ
Egg tamago たまご、タマゴ
Milk gyu-nyu 牛乳 ぎゅうにゅう、ギュウニュウ
Peanut pi-natsu 落花生 らっかせい、ラッカセイ, ピーナッツ
Shrimp ebi 海老 えび、エビ
Wheat komugi 小麦 こむぎ、コムギ

The optional 20 allergens:

Allergen Pronunciation Common Spelling
Abalone awabi あわび
Apple ringo りんご
Banana banana バナナ
Beef gyu-niku 牛肉
Cashew nut kashu-natsu カシューナッツ
Chicken tori-niku 鶏肉
Gelatin zera-chin ゼラチン
Kiwi kiwi-furutsu キウイワルーツ
Mackerel saba さば
Matsutake mushroom matsutake まつたけ
Orange orenji オレンジ
Peach momo もも
Pork buta-niku 豚肉
Salmon sake / shake さけ
Salmon Roe ikura いくら
Sesame goma ゴマ
Soybean daizu 大豆
Squid ika いか
Walnut kurumi くるみ
Yam or sweet potato yama-imo やまいも

How We Determine the Allergens in Each Product

We gather as much allergen information as we can from each manufacturer. However, the manufacturer is not obligated to list allergens outside of the country's regulatory rules.

We directly translate the labels on the products into English. No further documents contributing to better understanding of any allergens are translated unless provided by the manufacturer.

Allergen Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the customer to take caution when purchasing products with allergens. The information on this website is translated directly from the labels and manufacturer's provided information to the best of our ability. While our translations are double-checked, we do not take any responsibility for any mistranslated information or misguiding translations. Please determine if the product is acceptable for you to consume if you have any allergies. The customer takes any responsibility for any emergency or medical issues arising from allergens in the products we sell on our website. Customers are welcome to contact us directly if they are unsure of a product's ingredients. The website will contact the manufacturer for the information requested by the customer. The website, kenkoroot.com, website owner, and the manufacturer do not hold any responsibility regarding the obtainment and use of this information.

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